Monday, May 02, 2005
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GMMG ZL1 Camaro SS

The Phase III 427 Engines are built by GMMG Inc. and offered only as part of the ZL1 SuperCar package. These engines are not available to the general public.
Engine Description
Cylinder Case GM Motorsports C5R Race Case
Crank Shaft (Callies) Forged 4340 steel crank with 4.0” stroke
Connecting Rods (Callies) 6.125” Billet 4340 steel rods with ARP fasteners
Pistons 4.125” bore lightweight (JE) pistons, designed for this specific application, ultra precision machining with certification and matching pins
Ring Pack File fit specific metric (JE) rings
Camshaft Hydraulic Roller designed specifically for GMMG Phase III application
Cylinder Heads GMMG Phase III CNC ported LS-6 heads with full radius valve seats
Valves 2.055” intake and 1.600” exhaust with undercut swirl polished stems
Timing Chain High strength roller timing chain
Pushrods One piece 4130 steel (Comp) pushrods
Valve Retainers Titanium retainers
Valve Springs Tapered springs with 320 lbs open pressure specifically designed for LS6 cylinder heads
Head Gasket Composite big bore (Cometic) head gasket
Harmonic Damper Special (ATI) Crank Damper
Chassis Upgrade Description
Intake Special “Wilson Manifolds” Modified Holley Aluminum Intake
With ZL1 Number Engraved on Top
Exhaust Special Phase 3 Only 1 7/8” Headers, 3” Y-pipe, with 4”
Collector, and Rear Electric Cutout with Dash Switch


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