Wednesday, April 13, 2005
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Worlds First Supercharged LS1 Porsche 911

"Why an LS1 in a Porsche 911?"

"The factory 1980 Porsche SC 3.0 liter engine is 178 hp @ 5600 rpm and the torque range is 175 ft/lbs @ 4200rpm. Top speed with stock 1980 porsche engine 139 mph. with 3.88 rear end gears."

"The LS1 Corvette engine is 350 cubic inches (5.7 liter), 345 hp @ 5600 rpm, and have a torque range of 350 lb/ft. @ 4400rpm. The LS1 Corvette engine (equipped with a supercharger and 27 inch tall tires at the rear) will enable me to go 184 mph in fourth gear. However, with no roll cage, I limited myself to going 155mph. with a 240lb. witness in the passenger seat."

"Sorry I have not went to fifth gear yet, which is capable of a top speed of slightly over 215 mph."

"You can have the best of both worlds, Quarter mile times of HIGH TO MID 11 seconds and a daily driver with incredable Top end speed."

"The quarter mile time ran thus far (11.94sec at 114) mph. was done with a conservative take off at the starting line because of the weak stock axles. (refer to my Custom page to see the actual quarter mile test and tune video of my first successful pass using stock axles at Houston Raceway Park). I now have a set of re-engineered axles that can easily hold up to the challenge of high torque and high horse power."

"Since the installation of my new re-engineered axles the ToyJet has acquired a taste for Z06 Corvettes, and have proven to harbor the vaccine for the new supercharged venomous Cobra GT and the Dodge Viper GTS. I have the only V8 conversion kit to date which does not require you to do any modifications to the body of the vehicle."

In conclusion:

"A factory LS1 in its stock form shipped from the factory will generates 345hp at 5600 rpm and 350 lbs/ft. torque at 4400 rpm. Maximum engine speed is 6200 rpm. Compared to the LT4 (cast iron block with aluminum heads), it generates 15 more horses with peak power 200 rpm lower. It produces 10 more lb/ft. torque with peak torque 100 rpm lower. All this performance comes from a package weighing 66 pounds less and measuring half-an-inch shorter than a Gen II Small-Block. Some of us still compare todays power ratings to the gross power figures of the 1960s. If that was still being used, LS1 would put out about 390-400hp. Most notable is that this engine is the first two-valve V8 to reach the one-net-horsepower-per-cubic-inch plateau. That is a monumental engineering achievement."

"Bottom line...the new LS1 is one hell of an engine."



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