Saturday, November 20, 2004
On this day:


Birdbrain rules the World!
Birdbrain is the ultimate product of Captialism
Birdbrain chief bureaucrat of Russia, yawning,
Birdbrain ran FBI 30 years appointed by F.D. Roosevelt and never chased Cosa Nostra!
Birdbrain apportions wheat to be burned, keep prices up on the world market!
Birdbrain lends money to Developing Nation police-states thru the International Monetary Fund!
Birdbrain never gets laid own his own he depends on his office pimp for him
Birdbrain offeres brain transplants in Switzerland
Birdbrain wakes up in the middle of the night and arranges his sheets
I am Birdbrain!
I rule Yugoslavia England Poland Argentina United States El Salvador
Birdbrain multiples in China!
Birdbrain inhabits Stalin's corpse inside the Kremlin wall
Birdbrain dictates petrochemical agriculture in Afric desert regions!
Birdbrain lowers Northern California's water table sucking it up for Orange County Agribusiness Banks
Birdbrain harpoons whales and chews blubber in the tropics
Birdbrain clubs baby harp seals and wears their coats to Paris
Birdbrain rules the Pentagon his brother runs the CIA, Fatass Bucks!
Birdbrain writes and edits Time Newsweek Wall Street Journal Pravada Izvestia
Birdbrain is Pope, Prmier, President, Commissar, Chairman, Senator!
Birdbrain voted Reagan President of the United States!
Birdbrain prepares Wonder Bread with refined white flour!
Birdbrain sold slaves, sugar,tobacco, alcohol
Birdbrain conqured the New World and murdered mushroom god Xochopili on Popocatepetl!
Birdbrain was President when a thousand mysterious students were machineguned at Tlatelulco
Birdbrain sent 20,000,000 intellectuals and Jews to Siberia, 15,000,000 never got back to the Stray Dog Cafe
Birdbrain wore a mustache & ran Germany on Amphetamines the last year of World War II
Birdbrain coneived the Final Solution to the Jewish Problem in Europe
Birdbrain carried it out in Gas Chambers
Birdbrain borrowed Lucky Luciano the Mafia from jail to secure Sicily for U.S.
Birdbrain against the Reds
Birdbrain manufactured guns in the Holy Land and sold them to white goyim in South Africa
Birdbrain supplied helicopters to Centeral America generals, kill a lot of restless Indians, encourage a favorable business climate
Birdbrain began a war of terror against Israeli Jews
Birdbrain sent out Zionist planes to shoot Palestinian huts outside Beirut
Birdbrain outlawed Opiates on the world market
Birdbrain formed the Black Market in Opium
Birdbrain's father shot skag in hallways of the lower East Side
Birdbrain organized Operation Condor to spray poison fumes on the Marijuana fields of Sonora
Birdbrain got sick in Harvard Square from smoking Mexican grass
Birdbrain arrieved in Europe to Conquer cockroaches with Propaganda
Birdbrain became a great International Poet and went around the world praising the Glories of Birdbrain
I declare Birdbrain to be victor in the Poetry Contest
He built the World Trade Center in New York Harbors waters without regard where the toilets emptied
Birdbrain began chopping down the Amazon Rainforest to build a wood pupl factory on the river bank
Birdbrain in Iraq attacked Birdbrain in Iran
Birdbrain in Belfast throws bombs at his mother's ass
Birdbrain wrote Das Kapital ! authored the Bible ! penned The Wealth of Nations !
Birdbrain's humanity, he built the Rainbow Room on top of Rockefeller Center so we could dance
He invented the Theory of Relativity so Rockwell Corporation could make Neutron Bombs at Rocky Flats in Colorado
Birdbrain's going to see how long he can go without coming
Birdbrain thinks his dong will grow big that way
Birdbrain sees a new Spy in the Market Platz in Dubrovnik outside the Eyeglass Hotel
Birdbrain wants to suck your cock in Europe, he takes life very seriously, brokenharted you won't cooperate
Birdbrain goes to heavy duty Communist Countries so he can get KGB grilfriends while the sky thunders
Birdbrain realized he was Buddha by meditating
Birdbrain's afraid he's going to blow up the planet so he wrote this poem to be immortal

Allen Ginsburg, Hotel Subrovka, Dubrovnik, October 14, 1980 4:30 A.M.


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